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"No lines, No laps, No Lectures" - Karl Dewazien

Coaching Youth Soccer with Koach Karl Dewazien



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Megan Selecky's World Class FUNdamental goal scored in Fresno, California

















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 Hall of Fame

Cal North Soccer Newsletter
Karl Dewazien Elected to the Cal North Hall of Fame
Pleasanton, CA (January 23, 2014) – Koach Karl Dewazien, who served as CYSA/Cal North State Director of Coaching for more than thirty-four years, was elected to the Cal North Hall of Fame.  Koach Karl’s coaching philosophy and style benefited generations of soccer players, not only in Cal North, but throughout the United States and abroad. Karl’s tireless drive to improve the coaching education platform for coaches across the country included working as CYSA/Cal North State Director of Coaching, Author and Publisher of the FUNdamental Soccer Book/DVD Series, as well as co-chairing the US Youth Soccer Coaching Committee.
Cal North Executive Director Dave Mann said  “Karl Dewazien was one of the pioneers at the California Youth Soccer Association; his Kids First approach was and continues to be our motto.  We appreciate his dedication, commitment and service to generations of kids.  He made the difference at CYSA/Cal North and in youth soccer.  I am personally very excited to see him inducted into the Cal North Hall of Fame. Congratulations Koach Karl”.